Saturday, October 20, 2012

Visitors are advised

The continued retention of section 377A would not be a contravention of the Constitution.

Watch the Capuchin monkey fairness experiment HERE.

the government does not act as moral policemen.

and by "family" in Singapore, we mean one man one woman, marrying, having children and bringing up children within that framework of stable family unit.

Visitors are advised that this artwork includes scenes of violence or graphic content and nudity or sexual content. The subject of death will be featured. Parental guidance is advised for young audience.

Various Objects
(dimensions variable)

20 October 2012 2pm to 8pm
21 October 2012 12pm to 6pm


  1. I was in the exhibition on saturday and has been attracted by your work display. I was busy choosing a namecard of you which I like (with the little drawing behind the card) and didn't realised that I've actually meet you in person. Here to drop you a message, I just want to say that your work is just like you, the person, presence quietly there but leave an impact. It is the only work in the show that caught my attention and stay in my mind till today. Regardless you were art trained or not, you are absolutely having the sensitivity and sensibility in art creation! Thank you for showing a nice work. :)

  2. Thank you, lishien, I'm glad you like the work.