Monday, February 13, 2012

ARTIST OPEN CALL: Portraits of Defacement (multi-disciplinary exhibition)

From Facebook event page:

The image of The Perfect Genitalia has been omnipresent with the ascendance of cosmetic surgery (and its profits), marketing (and its effectiveness), and the visibility of mainstream porn (and its quest for knowledge). With this exhibition, we aim to question: is there a “perfect vulva?”, a “perfect penis”? Who owns it? What about when it comes to intersex and gender-diverse people?

Artists will be asked to take a portrait of their own genitalia in the various mediums they work with; a self portrait without a face.

With this multi-disciplinary exhibition, we aim to:

1. Explore the artist’s relationship with their own genitalia, while elucidating the politics of representations.

2. Deconstruct the image of The Perfect Genitalia, challenge societal and cultural constructs around human genitalia, as well as to create healthy dialogue about the issues.

We are looking for established and emerging artists to participate in this exhibition, and we are welcoming all visual art mediums (sculpture, video, photography, illustration, painting, etc.)

This exhibition is a collaboration between Eros Coaching and SlutWalk Singapore. The venue will be at Your Mother Gallery.



Deadline for proposals is the 29TH OF FEBRUARY 2012, MIDNIGHT. Submit proposals to You do not have to be based in Singapore.

Do include in your proposal your details, a brief on the work you intend to create, and some sketches (or storyboards for filmmakers).

Artists will be notified by the 5th of March if they have been shortlisted for the exhibition.

The exhibition is slated to open on the 27th of March and lasting for 2 weeks. Hence, artists will have close to a month to work on their projects.



- About 8 artists to visually represent their own genitals.

- Honest portrayals of genitalia—we do not want to “glamourize” genitals, but rather, our objective is to be able to reflect the diversity of them.

- An ability to link the medium to the message. Why was the particular medium chosen to do such portrayals? What is your relationship to the medium?


**Artworks will be for sale, and commission will be pegged at 90-10. 10% simply to cover the operating costs of the exhibition, and the remaining will be split amongst Your Mother Gallery and SlutWalk Singapore.


  1. That depends whether I'm selected to do the work.

    Well, I may just do the work anyway...