Monday, January 9, 2012

on censorship

This is the link I posted.

I didn't know fB censor external links. I always thought only direct posting of explicit pictures is not allowed. 

The curious thing is I posted the link a few times before. I tend to post old links when I am somewhat stuck and has no new work to show. How is this time different from the others?

I spoke to a fellow censoree and we concluded that someone must have complained.

Which brought me to another curious thing: I've stuck an 'adult warning' on the entry page on my blog. 

I'd assume anyone who might find it objectionable would know not to click further. 

Obviously I was wrong.

I must say I was so pissed that I wanted to delete my fB account immediately. But then that would give too much satisfaction to whoever it is trying to shut me down.

So, to whoever it is wherever you are, you will not win. 

I shall prevail. 

I shall have the last word. Or lines and shades and colours. 

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