Sunday, September 16, 2012

Proposal for MinimArt3.0

various material
(variable dimensions)

Artist statement:
The installation is inspired by a recent visit to SAM, Peranakan Museum and National Museum where warning notices seem to display equal and sometimes more prominent role than the exhibits. Some of the notices strike the artist as absurd for example a video of puppies nursing at their mother's tits were labelled violent. 
Each and every exhibit was ringed around with line drawn on the floor or actual barrier complete with warning not to touch the artworks. Each and every room was patrolled by very hard working uniformed guard to warn visitor from overstepping the boundary. In contrast, the artist remembers his recent visit to Europe where priceless artworks were displayed literally in front of the visitor's nose which speaks to the artist of the trust the institution places on the visitor's sense of respect for the work and the artist's intention for the installation. 

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