Monday, February 6, 2012

Barcelona residency

I'd been selected for a residency with Homesession!

Between August and January 2012, we've received 129 applications. 
We've preselected 15 artists for the studio + flat rental residency.
We've selected 3 artists for the production’s grant.

To be one in the 15 selected out of 129, not too shabby, right? :-)

For the record, the following are the works I submitted for consideration:

And this is my proposal :

Dear  Jerome and Olivier,

I’m a new artist.

In Singapore where I currently stay and work, and in Malaysia where I come from, homosexual sex acts is still criminalize and there is no legal recognition for gay people. As a volunteer in HIV/Aids and other outreach programmes in the Singapore community, I know that the anti-gay law impedes our work and has an adverse impact on individual’s wellbeing.

A good proportion of my works is homoerotic. My 377A series (created in reaction to the failed repeal of section 377A which penalize gay sex acts for upto 2 years in prison) has been described as pornographic. I recently started a new series based on my interpretation of Biblical stories and Grecian myths. I was told I’m perverted and blasphemous.

I sometimes wonder what I and my works will be like if I'm not from a repressive regime. If I’m successful in my application, Spain being more advance in terms of gay rights, I propose to find out.

I’d like to visit the museums, see the original painting whose reproductions are my inspirations; take art classes, visit and participate in exhibitions (there is limited opportunity to show homoerotic works here)

I’d like to meet gay people to find out what it is like being gay in Barcelona. If possible, I’d like to visit HIV/Aids and other organisations for gay people to find out about the issues (if any) they face, and the solutions

I currently produce on the average one drawing every day, which I post on my blog with link on my facebook page. I’d like to maintain that pace.

I attached my CV and a few photos of my drawings/paintings.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Gwo Yinn

Malaysia / Singapore

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